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Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships

Name Title Phone Email Location
Gerald Blazey Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships 815-753-1883 Lowden Hall 301
Barrie Bode Director, of COVID-19 Facilities 815-753-1753  Montgomery Hall 349
Amy Farranto Publications Manager 815-753-9946 2260 Bethany Rd
Elizabeth R. Gaillard Director Molecular Analysis Core Laboratory 815-753-1753 LaTourette Hall 322

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Office of Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety

Name Title Phone Email Location
Shannon Stoker Director 815-753-2882 Lowden Hall 301
Michele Crase Laboratory Safety Manager 815-753-9251 Faraday Hall 327
James Gable Chemical Safety Officer/CHO 815-753-1610 Montgomery Hall 207
Patty Wallace Research Compliance Coordinator 815-753-8588 Lowden Hall 301
MJ Blaschak IRB Chair 815-753-1383 Wirtz Hall 209A
Ana Calvo IBC Chair 815-753-8451 Montgomery Hall 341
Douglas Wallace IACUC Chair 815-753-0972 Psychology/Computer Science 309
Lene Scherer Research Compliance Analyst 815-753-9282 Lowden Hall 301

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Sponsored Programs Administration

Currently, SPA staff are primarily remote. Email, Teams and Teams Voice are the best way to contact us.

Name Title Phone Email Location
Dara Little Associate Vice President 815-753-9285 Lowden Hall 305 
Whitney Wells Administrative Aid 815-753-1490 Lowden Hall 305
Kellie Dyslin Director, Funding Development and Lifecycle Enhancement 815-753-7090 Lowden Hall 305
Linda Carlson Office Support Specialist 815-753-1576 Lowden Hall 203
Jeannie Peterson Office Support Specialist 815-753-9976 Lowden Hall 305
Ashley Golz Award Coordinator 815-753-4323 Lowden Hall 305
Katie Thielk Award Coordinator 815-753-3850  Lowden Hall 305
Dana Hoefle Proposal Coordinator 815-753-0830 Faraday Hall 352
Claire Mogren Proposal Coordinator 815-753-6321 Lowden Hall 305
Maria Nihei Senior Proposal Coordinator 815-753-4533 Psychology/Computer Science Bldg 355
Kristin Bigelow Senior Grants and Contracts  Associate 815-753-6064 Lowden Hall 203
Donna Martin Associate Director, Pre-Award  815-753-9279 Graham Hall 318
Carrie Blackwood-Williams Assistant Director, Post-Award  815-753-5901 Lowden Hall 203
Sarah Senechalle Assistant Director, Award Acceptance 815-753-9278 Lowden Hall 305
Barbara Whitesel Associate Director, Post-Award  815-753-6061 Lowden Hall 203
Stephanie Arnold Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-1584 Lowden Hall 203
Jenney Ferris Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-6131 Lowden Hall 203
Amy Schmidt Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-6059 Lowden Hall 203
Ellen Smith Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-1113 Lowden Hall 203
Katie Mowers Senior Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-3402

Lowden Hall 203

Caitlin Teague Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-1133 Lowden Hall 203

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Office of Innovation

Name Title Email Location
Karinne Bredberg Director of Innovation Partnerships and Technology Transfer Lowden Hall 301
Mark Hankins Assistant Director for Technology Transfer Lowden Hall 301
Bryan Flower Assistant Director for Food System Innovation Lowden Hall 301

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Center for Burma Studies

Name Title Phone Email Location
Catherine Raymond Director 815-753-0512 Pottenger House 101
Carmin Berchiolly Program Coordinator 815-753-0512 Pottenger House 101

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Information Services

Name Title Phone Email Location
Eric Biletzky Manager, Information Services 815-753-3439 Lowden Hall 202
Julie Miller eRA Coordinator 815-753-1583 Lowden Hall 301

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Research Support

Name Title Phone Email Location
Ximena Burgin Associate Director 815-753-4506 Lowden Hall 301

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Budget Office

Name Title Phone Email Location
Cara Carlson Business Manager 815-753-1826 Lowden Hall 301
Dawn Crawford Budget Analyst I 815-753-0828 Lowden Hall 301
Kathleen Hughes-James Administrative Aide 815-753-9471 Lowden Hall 301

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