STARS Faculty Academy

Group of multi-ethinic people's hands forming star shape.

Strategic Transdisciplinary Artistry, Research and Scholarship

STARS is not a traditional grant writing workshop; STARS positions faculty for funding through empowerment with the tools and networking needed to self-direct professional development and steer a career.

STARS participants gain experience by engaging in a NIU innovation community that fosters mentorship and collaborative practice. Faculty will be able to:

  • Discover techniques that can impact funding success.
  • Build research and funding support networks.
  • Develop skills that promote work-life balance and career satisfaction.
  • Join a motivated cohort of enthusiastic peers and mentors!

Our shining STARS innovation community gains expertise through STARS graduates, volunteer mentors, development teams, advisory teams, invited guests, and stakeholders.

Join the NIU innovation community that brainstorms, shares talent, learns and laughs together!

STARS Faculty Academy PI, Melani Duffrin and Karinne Bredberg, director of innovation partnerships and technology transfer facilitate the innovation community. For more information contact: Melani Duffrin, Ph.D., RDN, or Karinne Bredberg, M.P.A., (71 North Partnership Studio in Founders Memorial Library).

STARS 2022-2023 Schedule