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  • IACUC Application (Required)
    • General instructions and help with the form

      The use of live vertebrate animals in teaching, research and testing at Northern Illinois University requires review and approval by the NIU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) as mandated by Public Health Service Policy and USDA regulations. This Application for Approval form provides the basis for IACUC review. In addition, investigators and participants in approved protocols are required to complete annual training relating to the use of live vertebrate animals.

      What information do I need to include?

      If more than one species is included in your protocol, enter requested information for each species on separate lines. Similarly, enter requested information on each additional participant on separate lines. If there is a grant proposal associated with your protocol, provide the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) number and attach the ‘Vertebrate Animals’ portion of your proposal. Sections concerning Euthanasia, Endpoints and Occupational Health & Safety must be completed for all protocols.

      You are expected to provide appropriate literature citations throughout your protocol.

      Information on CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) species can be found at the CITES website (click on species database). Get information on euthanasia methods approved by the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia

      Applications must be complete in order to be considered by the IACUC. Protocols needing minor modifications or clarifications may be approved on a provisional basis. Final approval will not be granted until requested modifications or clarifications are provided. No procedures may begin before final approval.

      Do you require further assistance?

      Questions regarding completion of this form should be addressed to ORCIS or Douglas Wallace, Ph.D., IACUC Chair 815-753-0372,

  • IACUC Risk Assessment Form
  • IACUC Health Questionnaire Form
  • Accident Incident Report Form

Example Documents

Below you will find a list of example documents that may be useful for your research. Please feel free to download and modify these documents as needed for your particular study. Be sure to only include the information in each document that is relevant for your study.

Consent Materials

General Requirements for the Informed Consent Document

Please keep in mind: audio and videotaping require a separate statement of consent and a separate signature/date line on the consent form.

The focus group consent form needs to include a statement about the researcher's inability to guarantee confidentiality among the group members.

Additional Information

Learn more about the IBC application for approval process.

Questions regarding completion of this form should be addressed to Michele Crase at